Minggu, 12 Januari 2014

Naruto(Pirate Clothes)

Hello all :)
now i want Release skin Grand Theft Auto San Andreas :)
this is Naruto Pirate Version

for pict :

For Link : Naruto Pirate

Model by: LorisCangini 
From: Naruto Ultimate Ninja Storm 3
Convert to GTA SA : M Khapiz An Nur
Contact me in Facebook : www.facebook.com/khapizannur
Contact me in twitter  : @MKhapiz

How To use import NarutoPirated.dff and txd
to skin.img

remember you must use skinsellector :)

to change skin 
press Tab+Q or E :)

thank's for downloadin

don't steal it
and i'm sorry this skin have some bug :)

NoteBook : don't forget to read  Readme.-..txt :)

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